With its research resources from various academic fields of management, medicine,  social science, and etc., National Taiwan University, NTU, can efficiently integrating the cross disciplined science and technology. This Master Program is therefore designed based on the current development of social and industrial status in the domestic market. Also considering the objectives of our Athletic Department, the program is planned to be competitive with growing potential in the future. According to its development goals, the curriculum design of the Master Program of Sport Facility management and Health Promotion is carried out and examined by the various needs in the sport industry. Combining with the faculty of college of management and college of medicine, our students will gain the necessary competencies required by the sport industry. In addition, NTU has sister relationships with many prestigious international universities. Besides routine games among athletes, the activities in academic exchange and in athletic development are also taking places, including the sport facility management and the promotion strategy of physical activity with Peking University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In the future, the research team formed by the program’s faculty and students will host international academic activities, and will invite exchanges among scholars and students to further upgrade the cross country research quality and trend.


Starting with the cross disciplinary integration and cross industry management model, the program evaluates the most current needs of the sports and health industry, and devises the courses for developing talents. The program also expects to prosper the industry with long lasting value by devoting research resources and practical experiences, so to establish the strong tie between teaching, research, and internship. NTU has the best research team in Taiwan together with global research partners and internship fields. The formation of the Master Program of Sport Facility Management and Health Promotion will cultivate talents equipped with related theoretical knowledge and practical competencies. Reflecting the needs in our age, the Master Program will arouse public’s attention to the issues in sports and health promotion. And this will further assist governments and regional people to have a positive and healthier way of life and social environment by promoting physical fitness on a holistic basis. Here is the program’s founding mission, educational goals, and students’ core competencies.


Program Mission:According to NTU’s School Development Plan, the founding mission of this program is aimed at cultivating students with professional competencies in sport facility management and health promotion, and to become the hub of teaching and research in this field of Taiwan.


Educational Goals Cultivating professional talents in sport facility management and health promotion, which includes:

◎Targeted at Holistic Education, cultivating service personnel in sport facility management and health promotion.

◎Strengthening practical experiences and project planning, upgrading students’ competitiveness in finding jobs.

◎Through the academic training, cultivating academic talents for higher education.


Core Competency:

  1. Equipped with the knowledge and research capability in sport facility management.
  2. Equipped with the planning and implementation capability in health management.
  3. Equipped with the professional knowledge and applicable capability of integrating the fields of sport, management, and health.
  4. Equipped with the effective communication and leadership capability.
  5. Equipped with the problem solving, independent and creative thinking capability.
  6. Equipped with the attitude of global vision and humanistic care.